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They're the bright minds- who just can't get it down on paper. Perth mother of two, Sheralee Naylor says her daughter Morgan scores perfect 10's on her spelling tests. Ask her to read the words back and she'll score a zero, "we started to work out she was guessing or memorizing some of the words she had to know for spelling tests."

Like 5 percent of the population, 7 year old Morgan- has dyslexia. Like many students- having a good memory and above average speaking skills has got Morgan her through her first years of school.

CEO at the WA Dyslexia SPELD Foundation- Mandy Nayton says many dyslexia sufferers slip under the radar. According to the latest Australian Bureau of statistics- 52 percent of 15 to 19 year olds struggle with literacy - and it can be debilitating once they hit the workforce.

When it comes to seeking help experts say the sooner the better, a year one student has a 90 percent chance of achieving the average reading standard for their age if they tackle the problem right then and there.. If it's left to year 7 or year 8 well that figure drops down to just 10 percent.

"Learning is like an inverted pyramid and if you catch it early there's only a small amount of info to catch up with." Luckily for little Morgan- she's found help in Doctor Lillian Fawcett- Literacy specialist and creator of the ABC Code. According to Lillian- breaking sounds down is the starting point- focusing on the visuals of words.

The 12 week program is very hands on, clapping patterns to remember vowel sounds- even a quick co-ordination reboot to activate both sides of the brain and it's not just helpful for those with dyslexia, according to Dr Fawcett, it also improves reading skills in children with autism and ADHD - even adults. As for Morgan, the results have been outstanding; she's now reading books well above her years.

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