30 Day Challenge

Reporter: Lynda Kinkade

Six people -- three challenges -- 30 days.

Jeanette Farren, 37, Dog Day Care and Dan McPharlin, 35, who works in marketing are off to boot camp; Jacqui Christie, 55, a psychologist and Givonna Chaucer, 41, a therapist are trying no-sugar in their diet; and

Marisa Quigley, 39, a musician and Mohani Sharma, 24, a student are taking up Bikram Yoga.

Each participant is given a diary to document their progress before being weighed and measured. The challenge will be overseen by experts, Andy Anderson, Ultimate You Boot Camp Trainer. "We'll be looking at a high protein diet, reduce some starchy carbs and sugars -- 80% of weight loss comes down to nutritional plan", Andy said.

Craig Harper, Harpers Gym Exercise Scientist who says, "Nobody says I want to get in shape for three weeks and then get out of shape -- so it is trying to create some new behaviour".

And Michael Houghton, Bikram Yoga Fitzroy Owner. "The challenge is as tough as you can imagine. The biggest challenge is about half way through", Michael said.

Each New Year millions of Australians make a resolution to join a gym or start a diet -- about 70% quit in the first week. So how hard is it to stick to a plan for 30 days and can it lead to lasting results? "30days has be shown if you consistently perform an activity, you can change your life", Michael said.

You just have to look a Matt Cutts. The Google employee set himself a 30 day challenge to walk ten thousand steps. After that he set another 30 day challenge to learn a musical instrument. "It turns out 30 days is just about the right amount of time to add a habit or subtract", Matt said.

Three years later he's transformed his life -- in one month intervals -- his YouTube video has been watched by more than three million people.

Four our six people their goals are personal so fast forward 30 days and who achieved the best results?

First up No Sugar: Givonna Chaucer Lost 5kgs and Jacqui Christie lost 700grams. Hot Yoga Results: Mohani Sharma Lost 500grams while Marisa Quigley Lost 3.5kgs. Bootcamp Results: Dan McPharlin Lost 7.9kgs and Jeanette Farren Lost 5.5kgs.

In 30 days we days we saw some pretty good results; if people are sitting there thinking I want to try something, this is a really good starting point", Andy said.

For further information:

Andy Anderson, Ultimate You Boot Camp Trainer:

1300 887 596 or www.ultimateyou.com.au

Craig Harper, Harpers Gym Exercise Scientist:

(03) 9553 8857 or www.harpers.com.au

And Michael Houghton, Bikram Yoga Fitzroy Owner:

(03) 9416 4422 or http://bikramyogafitzroy.com.au