Reporter: Cassie Silver

They're Perth's Prince Charmings. "We go out and we do everything take away the guest work so those guys that don't think they are romantic give us a call."

Paul and Aian are modern day cupids - taking the run around out of romance. "What we are trying to do is create that moments that's gonna be unforgettable rather than just going through the motions, going to your normal dinner you usually go every Friday night"

The pair met up north when they were sharing the strains and pressure of relationships- as fly in fly out workers. Now business partners they've created 2 Planets, a romantic service giving men a lesson in love.

From planning a proposal, to a personalised plate at a restaurant, even delivery flowers these guys will do it all, giving you the credit.

Paul says even FIFO workers can be meaningful when they are miles away.

29 year old Brett Novak says routine can run down relationships, "we end up resorting to the same things which is just flowers and chocolate I'm sure the amount of money I've spent on flowers I could have paid my florists kids through college"

The saying "It's the thought that counts" couldn't be more true. Kylie Dunjey from Relationships Australia WA says if couples put in the effort the hard work will pay off. So whether she's up for adventure or indulgence. These two are your guys.

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