Hollywood is obsessed with high protein diets. Now an Australian biochemist believes he has fine-tuned the science, with his own weight loss formula.

Dr Robert Buist developed Isowhey, believing there's a need for a meal replacement product containing high quality protein that can be quickly absorbed. "As you know, if you eat chicken or fish or steak you're going to get these big chunks of meat sitting in the stomach it's hard to digest. But if you've actually got the Isowhey protein it dissolved 100 percent in water and it does so in very quick period of time", Dr. Buist said.

The "whey" protein in the powder is the key ingredient -- according to Dr. Buist many diets may cause people to lose weight on the scales but they are often losing muscle tissue and we need muscle to burn fat.

The idea is this -- you replace one to two meals a day with a shake or protein bar, along with a healthy diet plan minimising carbohydrates. Exercise is encouraged but you can do without it.

Margot Brunswick has tried it all -- she was even one of the first to undergo stomach stapling surgery. None of it worked and she ballooned to 184 kilos.

Margot replaced two meals with a shake, spent no time at the gym and lost 62 kilos over a year. "To be able to get into a size 18 and get into it and not have a corset on makes me feel like a part of the regular human race. I am on the fat end but I am not in gigantor-land anymore", Margot said.

Mother of three Kerryn Hoffman had always been slim but snacking with the kids and lack of sleep contributed to an extra 20 kilos. She lost 10 kilos in the first 5 weeks. "I wasn't doing any extra exercise, I was losing two kilos a week and I was really only doing the same pump class I had been doing for years, once a week", Kerryn said.

Exercise physiologist Dr Jarrod Meerkin admits he was sceptical of Isowhey at first, but did his own research and now believes it could be useful for anyone who needs a kick start. "If there is someone out there morbidly obese or overweight, this product may be a way to help them get underway their weight loss journey", Dr. Meerkin said.

Isowhey is available at selected pharmacies and health food stores. Also through the website: or phone 13 23 10

Dr Jarrod Meerkin's website is: