Garage Sale

Reporter: Cassie Silver

If it's the for the annual spring clean, you are not alone.

It's called The Garage Sale Trail, turning your trash into someone's treasure across the country on one day. Co-Founder Andrew Valder "it's all about community meeting you neighbours, it's about sustainability passing what you don't want to someone who does want it it's about de cluttering and it's about making a few dollars."

6,000 garages, involving over 300,000 people and nearly 2 million items up for sale. This is Australia's biggest day to declutter. "Having a garage sale is so much fun you get to sit out the front of your house, take it easy meet your neighbours and play some tunes."

In a first for WA, sellers simply register their garage online listing your location and taking photos of hot ticket items.

As for buyers just punch in your postcode to find hidden gems near you.

Here on Apple Way in Forrestfield the whole street is gearing up their garages.

At number 3, Clare Ryall is clearing out the clutter, "we have furniture, couches, there's lounge chairs"

Just next door, every child's wonderland awaits. For Grandmother Florrence Orchid, she's selling clothes and toys her grandchildren have outgrown. From rocking horses, books, toys and clothes, "I think rather than have a lot of things stuck on your verge for a long time for people to go through I think it's great we can have garage sales and people will come and buy from there"

In its third year so far one million items have been rehomed, $3 million has been raised for local fundraising, and 800,000 people have met their neighbours.

But it's not only second hand goods up for grabs, Owner of Billie and Rose Chris Simmons says they're putting a thrift store spin on their sale. "Like an op shoppy vibe and there will be some racks out the front some food some fun things incising people to come in the shop."

Designer dresses and Boutique bargains 80% off the price, "create a fun atmosphere so we can get rid of some winter stock give some great prices back to our customers who are quite loyal to the shop"

So dust off the and move out the moth balls and enjoy the swap meet on your street.

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