Summer Colour

This time of year might mean scorching heat and water restrictions, but you can still have a garden full of beautiful blooms. Gardening guru Sue McDougall explained the best plants to pick-up from the nursery, that'll thrive during Perth's sunny season. The plants Sue uses are waterwise, and you can feed them with a little bit of slow release fertiliser.

Sue chose to plant:

Geranium - 'Big Red/Rose'. They're bright, bold and will blossom in all seasons but winter... They particularly love hot weather, so just chop off the dead flowers to be rewarded with plenty more.

Buddleja - 'Butterfly Bush'. They'll bring butterflies to your garden, but they perform perfectly in pots positioned against a fence to reduce reflective heat. These beauties will grow to a metre high and wide with minimal maintenance.

Scaevola - Creates a compact bush that will flower right through summer.

Delosperma - the hotter the better for Delosperma, a little succulent that's a great ground cover.