Drag Drivers

They're the Perth rev heads taking on police at two hundred kilometres an hour - legally. Its Whoop Ass Wednesday at Kwinana motorplex; part of the push to get hoons off our street,with promoters saying the organised, supervised drag racing is educating, not encouraging, young drivers to speed.

To learn more about drag racing on Whoop Ass Wednesday, head to Kwinana motorplex's website: http://www.motorplex.com.au/

Staement from The Australian National Drag Racing Association:

The Australian National Drag Racing Association (ANDRA) is the governing body for Drag Racing in Australia sanctioning events and competitions from the grassroots level to the professional ANDRA Drag Racing Series.

"We are dedicated to growing the sport at all levels across Australia," said ANDRA CEO Malcolm Bulley. "The off street events held at our member tracks are vital in not only promoting the sport of Drag Racing but ensuring there is an outlet to keep people off the streets and racing in a controlled, safe environment."

If you would like more information about ANDRA Drag Racing or the steps ANDRA accredited venues are taking to invite members of the public to race on track instead of public roads, please contact the ANDRA office on (08) 8271 5355 or info@andra.com.au. For more information about ANDRA please visit www.andra.com.au