Bullying App

Alarming new figures show that 25% of students are affected by bullying at school and until they overcome the pain, victims are up to nine times more likely to have suicidal thought.

Now one company is hoping to offer a lifeline to victims.

"You can ask for help and support, there are people in schools who want to help you and our role is to help connect you"

It's called T!P TXT and it's an emergency response system which is being rolled out in schools across Australia.

"Anytime a student feels that they're being bullied or observes bullying behaviour they can contact the school confidentially using our tip line".

Steve Watt from "Blackboard Connect" says the two-way service allows kids to report the bullying anonymously y by text message for free.

"The tip line is really simple to use a student might start by texting a message to the tip line, something like my friend needs some help so if I just write that now and send that through immediately I get a response and it's given me some instruction to provide some further detail" says Steve

That message is then instantly forwarded to a specific staff member at the school who can help deal with the issue.

"This gives school really imp insight into behaviours and patterns in bullying"

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