Today Tonight - Vegie Garden

Chris Ferrera from the Forever Project says it's easy being green and it's time to get planting.

"We grow lettuces, passion fruits, we've got potatoes and broccoli they are all fantastic components".

He has more than 300 plants and 15 different varieties.

"I try and walk the talk, so we've got vegies, we got chooks, fruit trees and the main aim is to reduce the amount of money we spend on food and that we get the better quality produce".

Getting into the garden is also saving his family hundreds every year.

"We save about $700. That's eggs, that's vegies, herbs that we grow here and that's wonderful".

Chef Don Hancey says we are what we eat, and the garden is his second kitchen

"There's certain food items that just marry so beautifully and they're so easy to grow in your garden".

For Don, plucking from a plant is more rewarding than tossing it into your trolley

"They're like anything you grow you've got to give them water and love and the odd talking to".

Don says it's time to ditch the punnets and packaging.

"They'll go and buy the herbs in the packets only use a little bit of it but they've paid good money for it they've created a waste with the plastic packaging so why not have a little pot that you can pick exactly what you need and sprinkle it on".

Together Chris and Don are helping to plant the seed, showcasing WA's best local produce at the Perth Food Theatre Dinner on Thursday March 27th from 6pm - 9pm at the Perth Zoo.

Booking can be made though

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