Today Tonight - Cake Sensation

She's become an international celebrity with her amazing on-line cake-making show. But down-to-earth mum Ann Reardon doesn't walk the red carpet or attend star cocktail functions.

"We never imagined that it would have grown this big and have this many people watching the videos every week and it has been quite exciting, busy and amazing".

Her fame's based solely in the kitchen .. DIY .. designing her renowned Giant Snickers Bar, Spider Jelly, Instagram dessert, chocolate piñata cakes and more.

"It was something to keep my mind active while I had the 3 kids and staying at home" Ann says.

It was just over two years ago that Ann began to blog her elaborate cake recipes when that went gangbusters...She created a YouTube channel and a weekly program called How to Cook That.

"Keeping the quality up from the beginning so when people do find it they love it and they will come back to it" she says, "each recipe I film it and edit it and do a voice-over for it make it nice and concise, then you have to upload it, add captions".

Ann does the lot. And hey presto she's been signed up by American TV, the world's third most popular baking channel.

"It has been amazing" say David, Ann's husband, "this simple blog that has just taken off and millions of people around the world love Ann Reardon. It's been great".

David, media consultant, is her greatest fan and helper.

"I look after the marketing and we get about 1500 emails a week so i go through them and filter"

Now, of her four million viewers, 40% are thirteen to 24 year olds.

This has all the ingredients of home-grown success. It's unique, has mass appeal, it's quirky, Ann is knowledgeable and is a qualified dietician and she's capitalising on social media.

"It's that dream of being able to stay at home and have a successful career" David says, "she's done it really well".

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