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They're two of the very natural rapid weight loss products that come with a big tick of approval from Doctors.

"This is a very serious medical solution to losing weight and again the emphasis is on a product that absolutely controls hunger".

So American obesity expert Dr Sanford Siegal developed his unique cookies for his patients… Now they are in demand around the world, including Australia.

Dr Siegal says that everyone loses weight…there are no failures

When TV medico Dr Mehmet Oz declared Garcinia Cambogia the holy grail of weight loss, the demand almost outstripped supply.

It's great for burning abdominal wall fat. People lose on average 3 to 4 kgs in a month when they are on it.

Particular men carrying weight around their middle with slimmer legs, they will burn well with garcinia and for women it's slower but need to do exercise and diet with it

But a warning, not all Garcinia Cambogia on the market is the same or authentic. The secret is the magical ingredient.

"HCA has to be at a certain dosage …double blind clinical trials printed proving that HCA works. But must be 60 to 70 % ratio in formula…so when looking at product you buy if it has 40 or 50..or doesn't state it..don't buy won't work..for you..

And that is also the secret recipe for success behind Dr Sisals tasty cookies which replace meals at breakfast and lunch time.

Lisa Marie Farnhill is Dr Siegal's Aussie pin up success story as she has lost 22kgs.

"I find the cookies satisfy my hunger. I love taste of them. The secret is keeping going. If you want to lose weight…you will succeed in doing it" she says.

As for Garcinia Camogia, the advice is to be realistic and don't expect instant results.

"You can do it with a calorie controlled where you've lowered your calories down or any of these higher protein low carb regime and throw garcinia in as well, watch your alcohol, and a big chance it is going to work for you".

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