Crash Test Dummies

While a lot of people say that they are interested in car safety technology and actually consider it when buying a car, only very few of them actually know anything about it. A lot of them don't even know what ABS is.

If you're one of 30% of drivers who don't know what ABS and ESC mean - wise-up because Anti-Locking Brake Systems and Electronic Stability Control, along with seatbelts and airbags, could save your life.

The ABS stops your wheels from locking up in the wet and enables you to steer around things and enables you to break much harder than you would normally be game to if you had a normal break system. ESC brakes individual wheels to prevent your car getting out of control if you suddenly find your car on a slippery surface or you're going a little fast on a corner and you haven't paid attention" Robert McDonald Research, manager at NRMA Insurance explains.

New videos launched by NRMA Insurance show what it's like behind the wheel, testing out the latest safety technologies compared with those in old vehicles and how cars perform under certain driving behaviours.

"It's unfortunate, but if your car is over 10 years old, you really are at safety disadvantage".

This latest virtual reality 3D technology shows what it's like to be in a crash in a modern car.

5 star-rated cars are infinitely safer than 2 or 3 star-raters.

But even though cutting edge technology can prevent accidents and save you from death and injury in a crash, you still need to stay focussed when driving. The most common time for collisions are in the afternoon, on a Friday and May has the highest number of crash claims.

Before buying, even if it's a second-hand car, check the latest ANCAP safety ratings.

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