Reporter - Cassie Silver

They're the faces and fists behind W.A's Explosive Pro Wrestling... the competition that's become a knock out in Perth.

"It's a great show to put on for everyone, we all take great pride in our work as well and it can be a lot of fun" explains commentator Dean Olsen.

More than 20 WA Wrestlers.. all battling it out .... for the belt.

Michael Morleone... AKA "The Don" is the EPW Hardcore Champion.

"It's what I do and I do it well" Michael says, "putting something through a table, hitting someone over the head with a chair, hitting someone over the head with a bin or throwing them over the top rope crashing down to the floor"

He's the longest reigning champion in the competition…and he won't go down without a fight.

"A man called Alex AKA 47 Kingston will have another turn at getting his head kicked in by the Don"

And he's ready for a rematch with his rival this weekend.

The show thrives on theatrics... and there's always one flamboyant fan favourite.

Wrestling in the EPW for 5 years, "Gorgeous Gary Schmidt" steals the show with his costume and charisma.

"I always want people to go home and go I love that gorgeous Gary guy because he was just so different and unique and gorgeous" Gary says, "I may be fluffy on the outside but I've got a tough inner shell so gorgeous Gary right at ya will always look to stop traffic"

But it's not only the big boys battling it out....

"I am the only woman's wrestler in the state".

Michelle K Hasluck.. AKA " The Fairest of them all" will take on anyone...

"It's still rough and I have been training the whole time with the guys while I've been wrestling and it is very full on wrestling the guys instead of females" she explains.

The 28 year old mother is no shrinking violet... she can slam down blokes who weigh in at 120 kilos

"They know I can bring it as hard as they do".

And they don't take it easy on her either.. When these blokes hit, they hit hard

"A neck in injury, where I got kicked in the head from a guy".

Also taking Hasluck down here is her own husband!..." The Warship" Jay Bailey... talk about tough love

"I like the pageantry, I like the story lines and I like that the women would stand up to the men and were very strong within themselves" Michelle says.

"I think she'd give a lot of the guys a run for their money I certainly wouldn't wanna step inside the ring with her" her husband Dean explains.

Climbing ladders, shopping trolley tumbles, even using trash cans... Commentator Dean Olsen says nothing is off limits

"There's comedic things that will make you laugh, there's things that will scare you, there's some great action packed wrestling, there's something for everyone"

Dean's ready to slam the sceptics... he says these grand slams can't be staged

"If someone picks you up and slams you down hard or you get thrown off a top rope or go through a wooden table it's gonna hurt"

26 year old Pastry Chef, Sebastian Sander.. 190cm and 124 kilos... not hard to see where he got the name.. "The Bohemoth"

"Is it fake? and i was like if you wanna step in the ring and question whether its fake or not I'll give you a definite answer by the end of it" Sebastian says " I like to hoist people over my head and slam them down to the mat. We are athletes you know and we treat the sport as such and we treat our bodies the same way"

They're aggressive and agile... and ready to get in the ring.

See explosive Pro Wrestling on January 25th at Cyril Jackson Rec Centre, Bassendean. It's a great Aussie bash!

Further Information

Website: http://epwperth.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/epwperth

Previous Events: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GUIWykba0c