Reporter Graeme Butler

There's certainly something enchanting about mermaids frolicking in the water... a myth of the ages brought to life by two young women who just like to share a bit of magic.

"When I'm in the water and we're just swimming under the water like a mermaid, I feel like a mermaid, it feels really natural "

"It's like living a childhood dream but also you can see and it's the most wonderful feeling that you're also making those children's dreams come true".

The appearance of Mermaid Amelia and Mermaid Jessica Pearl at the beach causes a rock-star like reception.. it doesn't take long for a huge crowd to gather around to witness the offering from the sea... kids are left in utter amazement

Amelia and Jessica met at Uni and soon struck up a friendship that led to some photography and arts projects.... one involved a tail and pretty soon the rest was history.

"We did a big photo shoot with it and it went really well and starting noticing that kids on the beach were, god there's a mermaid, I thought okay I'll make a face book page for it and see what's going on and it snowballed absolutely crazy and it was going really really well and then I got pregnant and i had to stop".

Now Amelia and Jess are back in the swim delighting on-lookers again...... it's been a labour of love for the pair, they don't' get paid and just do it for the sheer fun of it, Their Facebook page announces where they're going to appear and the crowds flock in.

"I think it's wonderful that someone with so much imagination just does it for the joy of bringing a smile to the kids' faces you can see the girls particularly just absolutely love it and now they will be going home and swimming with their mermaids in the bath forever i think"

While stories of mermaids go back to the days of early sailors, it was Disney's animated Little Mermaid that re-ignited the dream for kids - including these big kids who are now living their dream.

"We were captivated by Ariel and the little mermaid. We were that generation and if you love the beach and love animals as well it kind of goes hand in hand you gravitate to it naturally"

Amelia and Jessica get down to the beach as often as they can, but it takes its toll on even the toughest of tails... they're hoping to upgrade to more permanent fins made in the USA. They're hoping to find a pearl or two to help them on their way.

"It's our dream so we can make everybody else's dream come true"

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