Cheersy App

Reporter - Cassie Silver

It's the app that puts Perth's discount dinners on the map…cheap and cheerful hotspots that makes eating out affordable for the whole family.

School mates Donny, Dylan and Tyson have spent the last year creating Cheersy.... a database for pub grub on a budget

"It needed to be real time…what's on when you want it. Go have more fun on a week night or find something that's affordable so we're not spending too much money" Donny explains.

Meal deals are nothing new ... but having them at your fingertips is.

"The time that it would it takes to find all these deals I can tell you it took me 100's of hours so it would take a bit of time. Put in what day of the week you want to go, you can put nearby so you can find something that's on around you" Donny says.

With over 135 venues and 600 deals…there's something to keep every tastebud and hip pocket happy

"They're finding places they didn't even know existed"

From pizzas and pints... to ten dollar dinners... it caters to your craving..

"It tells you what times its available it tells you how much it's going to cost so you're expanding your understanding of what's on"

"You might feel like a steak or parmagiana, so you can specifically type that in so it's got huge flexibility in the way you can search for things"

From five dollar cheeseburgers, to spicy wings at a hot price and you might even find some secret spots you've never heard of.

"I've probably tried 50 new places through knowing what's on this year. These things exist you just need to know about them"

The boys plan to expand interstate and internationally... but for now they're happy eating and drinking their way through WA.

Cheersy is available on Itunes and is free to download.

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