Budget Bride

Cassie Silver

It's the most important day in a couples life... it can also be the most expensive

"I've heard of people spending you know 50, 80 100 grand on a wedding which at the end of the day for one day is crazy"

Stylist and mother, Christie Blizzard is taking the burden off brides... and their budgets

"I think if you're really quite frugal with your money and you look at your budget you can definitely half it and then some"

Tonight the top tips to make your day memorable for all the right reasons

First off, plan where you're going to be spending your money

"You don't want to get caught unaware and as soon as you let loose with a credit card in a shop.. all of a sudden everything can look really beautiful and perfect"

Christie says, pick out your colour scheme and stick to it

Save hundreds and make your own invitations.

"At the end of the day it's pieces of paper and you don't even get to keep them and people throw them in the bin at the end of the day which is really sad"

Invites can range from $4 a head, right up to $50, by doing them yourself they can cost as little as 20 cents a piece

"Look if you can make your own invitations most people these days have access to a computer and a printer and there's so many good stationary shops around paper boutiques and things like that" Christie says.

Bride to be, Melissa Chapel has "Said yes" to Christie's styling services...

"So we've done all the invitations, we've done all our centre pieces that we have made out of jars and bottles" says Melissa.

But before the "I do's".. There's a few things "To do"..

Once a month the ladies of the wedding party get crafty designing DIY decorations

"It's more fun to do everything yourself and be really involved in your wedding opposed" says Melissa.

Melissa says it was the flowers that were a real budget blower and Christie has advice.

"Not everyone can afford to go to the bed florist in Perth and have that sort of thing" Christie says.

Get frugal with your flowers and try wholesalers.

"I'm talking flowers that might otherwise cost you $100.. $150 for a bouquet you might be able to pick up for $10 $15 for a whole bunch "

But if that's still too much....Christie's creation is basically free

"I am just going to make a little paper flower so just using newspaper literally out of the letterbox take me a couple of minutes and save you thousands of dollars... alright go for it" says Christie.

Recycled bottles, cans and jars can be creative centre pieces... and even wedding favours

"You could do a chutney for the guys and a nice strawberry jam for the ladies" Christie says.

Buying a dress online is becoming a growing trend... But it comes with risks

"My only advice is if you're buying online buy big.. you can always get something taken in but you can never really add fabric"

And your dress or veil is a great way to get that "something borrowed"

"For me my mums wedding dress was recycled into my veil so theres different things you can do"

Christie's biggest hint for brides is not to cost cut on catering

"You can have the most beautiful wedding and everyone's starving to death or really thirsty it's not going to make for a nice evening"

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