Bali Food Safari

Graeme Butler

"It's happening like few other food scenes around the world it's eclipsing Australia in terms of great food at a good price and all the food here seems to be like a flavour bomb"

The West's Rob Broadfield has shown us his picks of Bali's restaurant scene... now it's time to let someone else take the wheel

We've joined the Bali Food Safari... a progressive dinner taking in top some notch restaurants - it's the brainchild of Perth bloke Simon Ward.

"The idea came out of the necessity for one night out while we had our kids baby sat being exposed to lots of different venues and lots of different types of food"

Tonight the tour will visit four restaurants ... a tasting plate of Bali's hippest. To kick off the evening it's sunset and starters at the SOS Supper Club in Seminyak - We're four floors up on the roof of the Anantara Resort.

The first offering is Pork Ribs.. they've been imported direct from the USA and Rob says they're the best he's ever eaten in Asia, and the food keeps coming.. It's a sample of the menu specifically picked for the food safari dinner

"It's a fairly simple and age old kind of thing it's a progressive dinner except we do it on wheels we take you from through four venues in an evening where you eat 12 dishes and they're samples of what those venues want to put forward for you to taste over that evening for that experience"

Next stop on this culinary journey is La Favela, and this Restaurant is a feast for the eyes... it's like stepping into an emporium or museum...

"It's brilliant, it's got wow factor hasn't it just booms away at you, your head on a swivel trying to take it all in, it's old it's new it's got antiques in little nooks and crannies" says Rob

We're seated in one of the restaurants private rooms

From La Favela the tour takes us to Jemme, and the setting couldn't be more different.

The tour is designed to give you a taste of Bali.. a snapshot of some of the great restaurants that now grace the island of the gods.

"It's such a genius idea to try restaurants that you probably haven't even heard of which are posh and fabulous or whatever it is but they've got a real wow factor about them. It's a great way to introduce yourself to the food of Bali".

"We have some of the best chefs in the world here, why not introduce it in a way like this i mean instead of going to one restaurant for one dinner why not do it the way we've done it the progressive dinner and it's just been fantastic"

To cap off the night we head to the towering cathedral columns of Merah putih even after seeing off enough good for to last a lifetime.. There's always space for desert

"I believe Bali will be one of the culinary destinations of the world" says Simon Ward.

Further Information for the Bali Food Safari visit