Reporter Natalie Bonjolo

For decades Jenny Seaton has been a part of our lives, on television and radio, but it's a career that could have ended very abruptly

While dishing out health advice on her show at Curtin 100.1 FM, off air, Jenny had a secret ... she kept to herself

"If we go walking and there is a slight incline i would start to get a bit breathless, and I kept saying gee I'm unfit"

Despite it getting worse, Jenny pushed it to the back of her mind ... until a recent radio interview with Dr Athula Karu, a leading cardiologist. As they went to a commercial break she confessed to the doctor that she was feeling a little tightness in her chest.

"I saw the opportunity there to give some advice" Dr Karu says, telling Jenny " I don't like what you're saying, you need to get this tested and i knew she might not do it knowing jenny for a few years now'"

Dr Karu made the appointment there and then, and ordered tests.

What Jenny didn't know, is she had less than a month before the time bomb ticking inside would go off.

"It was just tightness and it was a cold tightness" Jenny says "it was like I wanted to hold myself like that with a rug, I kept trying to warm up my chest"

But still, Jenny ignored the symptoms, took a painkiller and went to bed. She went to work the next day not feeling 100% and then suddenly bang, something was definitely wrong.

Her colleagues convinced her to go to the medical centre here at Curtin Uni ... where she had a blood test.

"At 7 o'clock i got a call from the hospital right now .... eeee ... that was a bit of a scare ... ummm ... I don't think I was scared about my mortality so much as I was stupid, you know I was really cross with myself"

Jenny Seaton had suffered a heart attack

"I had had a heart attack that day without pain, that's the scary part, i didn't drop to the ground, there weren't any obvious signs"

Dr Karu says not everyone will experience the same text book symptoms.

"If you get any pain anywhere, if you get tightness when you exercise or even at rest, if you're suspicious it's best to get investigated because that could be the only chance you get" he says.

Luckily for Jenny, she made it in time

"Her artery was very very severely narrowed, it could have blocked off completely, if it blocked off the risk of death is one in ten" Dr Karu states.

Jenny is now passionate about raising awareness.

"I'm just angry with myself because I'm always preaching to everyone else, look after yourself do the right thing ... you have family and friends who love you, for goodness sake just go to the doctor

If you think you are having a heart attack, call triple zero - it could save your life. Treatment starts as soon as you or someone nearby makes the call, reducing your risk of death or permanent disability.

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