Float Tank

Reporter: Graeme Butler

It's like stepping into a scene from a science fiction movie - a sleek white pod which cocoons you as you float weightlessly in a pool of salty water...

Ben Dunin and his brother have brought the float tanks to Perth - its' not the first time our city has been home to float tanks but Ben says these are different to anything we've seen before

The idea behind the float tanks is a concept called sensory deprivation - it was developed way back in 1954.

Liam Cosgrif is a plumber who believes floating has helped ease his on-going back pain

Liam volunteered to evaluate the float tank to see if it helped with his back pain - he underwent 10 sessions and was examined by GP Katina Koukourou to check how he went

Dr Koukourou says the benefits don't just come from reducing the stress of Gravity on your body by floating - the salty solution itself can be beneficial

Float Tank contact :


9228 4062