Curious shapes in the W.A sky captured by Amateur photographers - Noel and Shirley Pearce were driving south along the Indian Ocean Drive from Cervantes.

"I got the camera out and was photographing the sand dunes as we were travelling down the road" Shirley said.

It wasn't until some time later that the couple looked at their holiday snaps... what they captured has left them amazed. Disc shaped

objects in the sky

"It's' not an aeroplane cos it's the wrong shape" Shirley says, "and to me i do believe in UFO's so i think there's something there".

Noel checked with the Weather bureau to see if the shape could be a weather balloon

"She said they don't do weather balloons in that area i don't know if they do them very often anyway" Noel said.

The photos capture the object several times.. the couple say they're left believing it's a UFO.

Whether you believe they capture evidence of alien visitors or something more earthly is entirely up to you, but one thing is for sure, the true believers say that area is one of W.A's UFO hotspots

Tony Lambert is a UFO researcher who lives in Cervantes - he says many people in the town as well as visitors like Noel and Shirley have reported close encounters or unexplained objects in the sky around the town.

"I think more recently there have been interactions for example one resident just a couple of hundred metres from here down on the point they were in a car all of a sudden the car started shaking they thought it was someone playing around but there was no body there the car was completely on its own this went on until it got a little bit troubling moments later the car was in different position altogether" Tony says.

Rob Hartland has also had a close encounter of the photographic kind... he was taking pictures of cloud formations from his Darlington home - when he also notice strange objects captured in the images

Rob enlarged the shots on his computer and was left convinced he was onto something odd... he then went about taking hundreds... and ultimately thousands of shots. Mysterious shapes appeared in many of them

"Some that are what i call a double rimmed disc" Rob says, "some are some clearly have a canopy of some kind, some are long cigar shaped some made like a spiral structure.

Rob has now set up a website to show the strange images he's captured -

Sceptics routinely de-bunk suggestion that UFO's are anything more than dodgy photo's or easily explained phenomenon... the believers say the evidence is there to prove we're not alone.

Rob says, "well the sceptics are the greatest contributors to global boredom because all they do is they come out with the same rebuttals refusals denials and ridicule".

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