Golf Whiz

Reporter: Cassie Silver

He's the 6 year old giving miniature golf a whole new meaning. Little Jamie is putting his way to the top.

For parents Martin and Susan Smith it all started with a set of plastic clubs when he was 3.

Whether he's on a golf green or in the living room. If Jamie can tee off, he will.

Jamie's so good... he plays with the big kids, some as old as 17.

Coach Gary Calhoon.. from the Mandurah Country Club said he was stunned with his swing. "He's a little fella youngster he acts like a 15-16 year old and he will come into the pro shop and I actually feel like I am talking to an adult"

He's heading to the US to compete in the Calloway junior Championships. Susan

grab: theres 36 kids in from all around the world and hes playing in the under 6 category and he plays 18 holes three times. We'd just like make everyone aware that there are young golfers out there and if anyone would like to help and support Jamie in his trip over the San Diego it would be greatly appreciated"

"Jamie, would you like to play golf foerver.. yep.. why?.. because its so fun"

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