Worldwide Petsitter

Reporter: Jackie Quist


Pensioner Francien Daniels-Webb is packing her suitcase, ff on another holiday. The 61 year old pensioner living the dream for next to nothing, residing in a new home every few weeks, travelling the world for free

Truth is Francien is homeless and she couldn't be happier. In 2011 the retired schoolteacher was faced with the challenge of trying to live on $225 a week, " there was no way known I could find anything reasonable to live in" Francien says.

So the ever optimist Francien took action, first giving away virtually all her possessions, " tables coffee tables chairs dining table crockery lots of crockery and glasses...everything yep went through wardrobes and got rid of shoes bags clothing you know if it couldn't fit in my car it wasn't coming with me"

Her destination - anywhere. Francien became a professional house and pet sitter, and she's been in hot demand for the past two years.

Enjoying the trappings of other people's homes without the expense, looking after pets while their owners are on holiday.

Her gamble with homelessness so successful Francien hasn't had a break between house sits and is booked up until next August ...

Ruth Myers is co-owner and founder of the Happy Housesitters website, an Australia wide agency linking sitters and homeowners.

"She's got a very close affinity with animals so that certainly makes her a very good house sitter, she has common sense she looks after other peoples possessions in the way she would

want her possessions looked after that's all you really need" says Ruth.

From suburban Caulfield to southern Tasmania, Francien admits her nomadic lifestyle isn't for everyone but claims she's never lonely, happily spending 2 weeks minding Gigi and Teddy Bear and 6 chooks before jetting off to Amsterdam

Then shes off to England then Brisbane and Victoria , I'll also be going to NZ and 2015 is my North and Sth American year British Columbia I really want to go to - and La Fayette in New Orleans" Francien says.

Francien says her life is paradise on a pension, a win win all round.

"I win they win the animals win I just love it - I love it!!!"

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