Amanda Muggleton

Reporter: Mark Gibson


Amanda Muggleton has been on our TV screens for more than 30 years.

The English-born Sydney-sider is one of Australia's most versatile actresses. She's returning to the Subiaco Arts Centre with fond memories, saying "this is where Shirley Valentine started and that's where my affair with Perth started and that was '88."

Shirley Valentine, with its brief nude scene, is arguably Amanda's signature role.

This time, it's another one woman show, The Book Club and Muggleton promises to keep her clothes on, though adding "but I do do a bonking scene all on my own"

The play explores the female dominated world of book clubs.

"I think I play about 10 or 11 characters, including a's mind boggling."

Many remember Amanda for Chrissie Latham, the character she played in Prisoner, and she comments that she is still recognized on the streets for it, "they do and I've just come back from a trip in London where the fans over there are phenomenal."

Prisoner remains so popular that it's being remade for TV.

"It's great that they're doing it again" Amanda says "because it's such a marvellous idea to be a fly on the wall, us you know the audience looking in, cos how many of us get a chance to go into a prison and see what goes on."

Now back to The Book Club.

"Boys if you want to see what girls get up to, come and see the Book Club because they discuss all sorts of nonsense and silliness but a lot of very good things too" Amanda says "But the best thing is that it's a lovely happy ending and so many laughs all the way through."


You can see Amanda in The Book Club on the following dates:

May 31 - Carnarvon

June 4-8 - Subiaco Arts Centre

June 12 - Bruce Rock

June 15 - Mandurah

June 18 - Kalamunda

June 20 - Thornlie

June 23 - Albany

June 26-28 - Subiaco Arts Centre