A Place to Call Home

Reporter - Mark Gibson


It's being hailed Australia's own Downton Abbey, an epic story of wealth, power and romance. But while the English show is set in the 1920s.. this is 1950s Australia. A Place To Call Home starts with the return to Sydney of mysterious nurse Sarah Adams, played by Marta Dusseldorp. She soon becomes linked to the Bligh family, with Noni Hazelhurst as its matriarch.

Perth-trained actress Abby Earl plays Anna Bligh, describing it as the role of a lifetime, "I went I need to play this role, a fire went off inside me and I said I have to play Anna Bligh...: "I think it's about good old fashioned story telling."

A Place To Call Home has already been compared to Australia's version of Downton Abbey, some even suggesting it's more Downton Abbey meets Revenge, "absolutely" says Abbey," every character has a secret."

Abby Earl is tipped to become a big star, yet another product of the W.A. Academy of Performing Arts, she says "You're aware that success has come out of these walls that you're training in and that stays on your mind but you don't ever think that it'll happen to you, you just hope it will."

On A Place To Call Home, she's learning from some of the best in the business, like her on-screen Grandmother Noni Hazelhurst.

"It's completely different to the woman on set and then they call action and this monster emerges and it's wonderful to watch. It's a lesson in acting every time I act with her...the first time we had dinner together she said to me I will be a mentor for you and I'll help you in this crazy industry, that kind of generosity is unheard of."

Thirteen episodes are set to go to air, with a second series to be shot later this year.

"It's about old fashioned storytelling and about suspense and tuning in next week to know what happens to people that you care about and good acting" Abby says, "so it's intelligent as well...turn off reality television and be challenged and be moved."


A Place To Call home airs at 8:30pm, Sunday 28th of April - right after the MKR grand finale.