Roof Rorters

Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

The travelling rogue tradesman who trick unsuspecting home owners with their door to door tactics

"They come unannounced and make an offer to the householder to do either bitumen work or roof recoating work"

Recently, Today Tonight exposed bitumen bandits operating in the Perth hills and on the other side of town a similar racket is underway, only these workers are targeting roofs.

They promise to repair, paint and restore Richard's roof for a good price "he said we can do it for you for a good price $1900 bucks"

He wasn't convinced and then the next day Richard gets another knock at the door ...."because we have all the machinery in the area and all the workers in the area we can do it very cheap" they said "we will do it for $1750 ... that's as low as I'll go $1750"

The workers put on a good show and the job is finished quickly, but when Richard tries to inspect his roof, he realised ... the work was shoddy ... what's more they've removed perfectly good tiles from a part of his roof he couldn't see ... to replace where he could

Ross Sinclair believes it's the same blokes who paid him a visit too, saying "they promised a good coating of paint, fix and clean the roof as well and give a good coating"

Two days after handing over two and a half thousand dollars, Ross knew he didn't get what he'd paid for saying "we approached the house from the other side and i thought it looked a bit light on paint and on closer inspection that's where it really showed up". Now, he counts himself lucky it wasn't worse

Building Commissioner Peter Gow says these rogue traders are breaking the law stating "anyone contracting to do painting work worth more than $1000 has to be a registered painter and there's a $25 000 penalty maximum for doing unregistered painting"

Often the itinerant traders pose as legitimate businesses, but the reality is they're working under the radar "they don't have an ABN number they don't have complete names, they just have a first name they have mobile phone numbers not fixed lines"

Lynda Reed is one of several neighbours stung in just one street and between them they forked out around $6000 dollars, "it's quiet annoying that they are able to waltz around the country and make thousands and thousands of dollars tax free"

As for her money, not only did Lynda NOT get the heat reflective paint she was promised, her roof was left in a mess.


Whether it's roofs or dodgy driveways ... the travelling con men are simply preying on the good nature of Perth home owners.


"Travelling Conmen Hotline"

1300 133 408