Road Works

Reporter: Mark Gibson


In Perth, it's day and night, weekdays and weekends, north, south, east, west, you simply can't avoid it.

There are more road works right now than ever before.

96FM's Ian "Blackers" Blackley is one angry motorist. He reckons it's quicker to walk than put up with constant delays and detours, saying "I don't know how many times I've come into the city in the last few years where it seems like, well I can't drive down there because we've got to drive back this way, I can't turn right there, now I've got to turn left. Anywhere you go it just seems to be never ending"

Like many drivers, Blackers questions why so much is being done at the same time, stating "If they co-ordinated all of their road works and made it a lot easier for people to get around from here to there and all over the place, life would be a lot less painful than it is at the moment."

Transport Minister Troy Buswell admits he had his own concerns.

He showed us a list of 59 different road works events happening this year in the CBD alone, all being overseen by Main Roads. Buswell says "we understand that it has an impact, we're doing everything we can to manage that, but ultimately these are big projects that will transform our city and are big projects that I think we'll all be really proud of. We do everything we can to make sure disruption is minimised."

The Minister says projects like the third lane in the Northbridge tunnel and the widening of the Mitchell Freeway are linked to Elizabeth Quay.

Here are just some of the record number of road works you might've encountered. Riverside Drive, the Esplanade and Barrack Street in the city, The Graham Farmer Freeway, Terrace Road in East Perth, Beaufort Street in Northbridge, Hay Street in West Perth, Wellington Street with its three burst water pipes, further down Wellington Street, near the corner of William Street. And that's just around the city. How about Murdoch Drive near South Street, Guildford Road in Guildford and Maylands, Ennis Avenue Rockingham, Stock Road, Spearwood, Flinders and Royal Streets in Yokine and the list goes on and on. Not to mention the never ending lane widening and traffic chaos on our freeways.

Ian "Blackers" Blackley comments "when you look at the big picture, it would've been cheaper to do it properly the first time, get it done back then, not open the freeway north until you had 3 lanes north or whatever, there it is, it's done, it's finished, perfect

The message from the government is, be patient, like the two year headache on Great Eastern Highway, it will be worth it.



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