Eye Creams

Reporter: Adene Cassidy

Battling wrinkles, puffiness and thin and creping skin, our eyes aren't just the window to our souls, but also the giveaway when it comes to ageing.

With the skincare market flooded with eye creams consumers can spend as little as $15 or as much as $400, but how do we know what we're paying for and what really works?

Consumers searching for the best possible results has forced cosmetic companies to update their technology and ingredients.

Some eye creams that act like fillers, while those opting for more advanced treatments can choose to have their own blood injected to rejuvenate the skin.

For consumers chasing an instant result, a Visia machine that can measure fine lines and wrinkles, scans the face before and after using a cream to see how effective it is.

The Olay Rejuvenerist eye cream claims to reduce wrinkles with one application. In an independent clinical trial the cream which retails for $49.99 was blind tested and out-performed a $1000 anti-wrinkle cream in the US.

Using the Visia machine, the difference before and after use is visible in the fine lines around the eyes.

The cream acts like an instant filler, but Olay claims with ongoing use those fine lines will be reduced permanently.

Cosmos Clinic's skincare expert Sally Carne says when it comes to eye creams it's all about ingredients, and they must be active - including peptides and Vitamin A, which will strengthen the skin.

"Eye creams that you can buy from the supermarket need to be safe, so that people who use too much - if they haven't been advised - can't do any damage to themselves. They are usually bulked out with a lot of fillers in the products that aren't active, so you're not getting much for your money," Carne said.

"The more you spend doesn't necessarily mean you're getting the best product. The key thing to buying eye cream is to know the ingredients, and to ask questions. You want to look for key ingredients that are going to do what you're looking for them to do, such as hydrate the area if it's dry, or if you're finding that it's wrinkled and thin, strengthen the area."