Glazed, on the bone, smoked, triple smoked -- when it comes to choosing that perfect Christmas ham, the choices are endless.

"There's nothing imported, it's all Australian pork, then we go through different ranges, different ways of curing the product to make them different", said Alistair Watson, General Manager of Meat and Seafood for Coles.

Alistair has a ham for every budget: "We've got a great range of hams -- the entry level this year is the Coles Butcher half leg ham $8/kg -- fantastic value and the same price as last year, so that's a fantastic product", he said.

And at the top end - "This year we've got something different - it is our outdoor bred, triple smoked cured ham, so salt cured, a beautiful product. It's traditional European type ham and for $25 a kilo it's completely boneless it's top of the range -- fantastic eating product", Alistair said.

At Woolworths, most of the 785,000 hams they will sell will be bought this week. Spokesman Stephen Murphy says, ""Woolworths gourmet ham is a portion ham, nice and easy to carve, great tasting and no waste at all. They retail for $15.98/kg. Our Woolworths smoked and cooked on the bone represents great value, our most popular ham, sells for $7.97kg. When you're looking for a quality ham make sure the seal is nice and firm, nice coverage of fat without too much and a nice pink colour", Stephen said.

And if there are any leftovers, a ham bag will make it last up to a month. "Get your ham bag, put it in water with two tablespoons of vinegar. Take it out, squeeze it out til it's just damp, sit your ham inside in the fridge and that'll keep it for ages", Len said.


Woolworths Gourmet Smoked Boneless Leg Ham $15.98/kg

Woolworths Leg Ham $7.97/kg


Coles Half Leg Ham on the Bone $8/kg

Coles Outdoor Bred Dry Cure Ham $25/kg