Wii Follow

Reporter: Graeme Butler

It's been six weeks of seniors skiing, playing soccer, rocking and rolling.

David Reid from the council on the aging coordinated the Wii Fit study to see if there are fitness and health benefits for seniors by using the game based exercise programe. Participants were asked to do 3 half hour sessions every week for six weeks.

Improving balance is of vital importance to seniors. It helps prevent falls and all of the participants reported better balance, improved confidence and more.

"I am taking a couple of pain killers less a day and I'm holding my breath a bit but yes I think there's a little bit more to it. It just makes you aware of your posture because people who have Parkinson's lose their centre of gravity and tend to lean forward and so for a lot of these exercises you had to have your weight back and so it was really good" says a participant of the trial.

In this trial there were other added benefits like the interaction with school students who helped seniors come to grips with the new technology and that in itself has been worthwhile according the head of the Council on the Ageing, Ken Marsden.

"A lot of seniors have become a bit fearful of technology finding it difficult to engage the technology. We run a computer courses to encourage seniors involvement in technology and this is another step in that direction" says Ken.

While some of the participants were a bit sceptical to begin with most say they'd now like to keep it up.

"If I can con my family into buying one for me they'll do that if I cook them a nice sponge cake".

Seniors Have a Go Day

Burswood Park - Great Eastern Highway

8.30am - 3.00pm Wednesday 29th October 2008

Free tea, coffee & water available all day.

Activities include; Canoeing, Climbing Wall, Archery, Dancing, Tai Chi, Exercise to Music, Bridge and much much more...

For more information contact Seniors Recreation Centre: 08 9492 9773