Whale Follow

Reporter: Graeme Butler

These are the whales of Camden Sound - Whales that struck a chord with our viewers last night. People like Sue Williams were moved by the images of Humpback Whales

Sue was lucky enough to see the Humpback Whales in Antarctica in February, possibly the same whales that journeyed north to the kimberley

Many people who contacted Today Tonight after seeing the incredible pictures of the Whales wanted to know how to help. There are campaigns under way by The Wilderness Society or you can get more information from Curt and Micheleine Jenners' Centre for Whale Research.

Curt Jenner says there's something everyone can do. Just get out and see the whales for yourself as they head back to the Antarctic - right past perth - seeing he says is believing

The Wilderness Society to sign the online petition & view Whale story from Today Tonight

Centre for Whale Research