Weightloss Tea

Reporter: Gavin Alder

What do three people have in common with an enormous white rat -- a daily cuppa. Apparently they have all shed weight by drinking the same green tea.

Called Spearole tea, it's grown one hour north of Brisbane and has been developed by biochemist, Greg Jarradine. It sounds like a complex cup. "It's green tea based, it also has the spearmint tea, olive leaf tea and also antioxidants from a glass of red wine", Greg said.

"The fact that this is enhanced with essentially three cups of tea on top of each other is making this a lot more potent than a normal cup of tea", Greg said.

It may look like ordinary tea, but as Dr. Lindsay Brown from the University of Queensland's Biomedical School discovered, once he let his pet subjects sip Spearole, it dramatically transformed them. "Those who were on the tea lost weight and especially they lost abdominal fat pads. So the fat pads that are probably the worst ones for the risk factor in humans, were the ones that disappeared", Dr. Brown said.

Some think the results are transferable to humans. By drinking it, Stewart Gray has lost fourteen kilos worth of fat pads and stopped taking a medical necessity for him, diet tablets. "I take fifteen tablets a day to stay alive. The cost of that alone is like a hundred and fifty dollars a month so a little over twenty dollars for tea for a month is nothing. I'm hoping with the weight loss I can throw away some of those tablets", Stewart said.

If it continues to work, Stewart will be back in control of his weight and back behind the wheel.

Greg Telfer's caffeine addiction has been stopped. "My blood pressures back to what it was probably when I was twenty and it's great -- I'm feeling fabulous", Greg said.

While Beth Nicolaas is also an advocate -- "The weight came off as well, it was just an added bonus, but the blood pressure came down straight away", Beth said.

Nutritionist Nicole Fox insists people need to do more than sip and stir tea leaves. "There is no quick fix when it comes to weight loss. All of these things have to be done in conjunction with a really healthy diet, but more thorough testing is needed", Nicole said.

Globally, when you boil it down, consumers have spent almost $3 million tasting his tea, not a cheap drop at twenty five dollars a box. But Greg is standing by it. "We've already been rated in the top five herbal teas in the world", he said.

And Spearole Tea is available from most pharmacy's and health food shops. For more information, website at: www.drred.com.au