You just have to walk down the supermarket aisle to see we're spoilt for choice in the diet department. Why then are we so fat?

Reformed over eater, now author, Graham Park believes its a conspiracy. "The weight loss industry makes most of its revenue from repeat business", Graham said.

Graham is not one of those nauseating diet and exercise spruikers who've never had a weight problem in their life, he's learnt the hard way. He too had tried all the diet fads but the only thing that got lighter was his wallet.

We're diet junkies, hooked on quick fixes and that keep us going back to our diet dealers with our money. "People do feel I've lost a bit of weight, it must have been a good program, I've lost a bit of weight so I'll go do it again. They don't seem to stop and ask themselves wait a minute shouldn't this weight stay off?" Graham said.

Graham has now written a book called " 7 Secrets the Weight Loss Industry Will Never Tell You", blowing the lid on why all the shakes and fad diets don't work and on how you can lose weight by eating real food. "The weight loss industry tends to push this idea that food is your enemy, food is a bad thing. Food is a wonderful thing, food is something to be celebrated. We need food to live, we all enjoy food, we eat it with our families celebrate it in all occasions", Graham said.

Graham already has some loyal followers of his principles. Caroline Hope knows all too well, the ups and downs associated with losing weight. She's been on every diet imaginable with limited success. "I've tried the shakes, I lasted about three weeks. I mean I lost 3 - 4 kilos but I stopped them because I couldn't continue on them, I put on 5 - 6 kilos after that", Caroline said.

Glenda Campi tried her fair share of fads too, but like Caroline she began following Graham's principles. "It's acknowledging that there's a proper way of staying healthy", Glenda said.

And it worked for both. In short these are Graham's secrets to living a healthy, smaller life.

There is no such thing as a miracle cure. Number one is an effective eating plan, eating healthy food and having that well designed and well done.

Number two check your emotions. By dealing with the emotional side you can stop people wanting to eat things they really know are bad for them.

Food isn't the enemy. "Food can cure people in the right amounts and the right types, of being overweight.

Even exercise alone isn't the answer. Because our experience is if you put people on an aggressive exercise program immediately, they get extremely hungry so that makes it harder to stay on a well designed eating plan.

With Graham 's principles he says the only thing that should get fatter is your bank account. If you are sucked in by the diet products, the costs quickly add up. Take for example a $70 grocery shop -- we've got some fruit, veg, meat, water, bread and some dairy. For the same price we've bought some diet products -- we've got two meals, some dairy, snacks and some shakes -- so just who is the biggest looser? "It's a cycle that's very damaging. It's damaging to their metabolism but it's also extremely damaging to their self esteem and their self worth. They start feeling like a victim and that they need these companies to save them from themselves so to speak", Graham said.

Graham says give diet yoghurts a wide berth or risk becoming a wide Bertha, and don't get him started on the shakes and meal substitutes.

Graham's advice is to ditch the diet products and end yo-yo dieting forever.

For further information visit Graham's website at

www.7weightlosssecrets.com or his book is available at any good book store.