Vintage Fashion

Reporter: Andrea Burns

Any girl who's played dress ups in Nanna's cupboards knows there's something special about retro clothes. Elegant, quirky, timeless.

W.A Today website's style editor Daile Pepper, says smart girls also know buying stylish vintage clothes at places like Mt Lawley's Memory Lane can save you a fortune.

Lucinda Ardagh is from St Vincent De Paul's which among its many op shops, runs two specialty retro stores for high end second hand clothes.

"Vintage clothing is phenomenally popular at the moment. There are stores all over Australia at the moment dedicated just to vintage clothes".

Mittley Southey loves buying recycled clothes. She's a regular at St Vinnies retro store.

Mitles' turned model for us. First look. Casual. Jeans, top, scarf and shoes.

New you could pay as much as $270 for this outfit, but here the lot will set you back just $40 including cheap designer jeans. Or save a fortune on formal. Why pay hundreds for this evening dress that wouldn't be out of place on any red carpet. Mitle got it for $25. Good as new shoes $22. The lot $47. New it could be around $290.

Daile Pepper says don't be frightened to do vintage with a twist and at half the cost of modern retail.