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Reporter: Jonathan Creek

Hunting Ghosts and tapping into Psychic powers is big business. From Hollywood blockbusters to TV smash hits our obsession with the paranormal is on the rise, so is the popularity of those who claim to be able to communicate with the Dead.

Leading UK Psychic Astrologer David Wells is one man who claims such abilities...but now he wants you to share in them. Jonathan Creek and the ability to look beyond your current life and see what you might have been.

Astrologer and Psychic David Wells is a world famous "Ghost Hunter". Host of the BBC's "Most Haunted" TV series. But he determined his gift, doesn't isolate him from reality. "I don't like the word powers it makes me feel like I should have my underwear on over my trousers "

But this Psychic Investigator insists he can communicate with ghosts, whenever he likes. "Ghosts are the very first level, they're the very first thing you meet so when you deal with ghosts for want of another word, I prefer to call them astrals beings, that's the first level beyond the physical.. there are many levels after that when you reach spiritual guides and masters then you're dealing with bigger issues, you're dealing with soul issues."

David made his name and money as a "Ghost hunter", but his real passion is opening up other people's minds .

H e doesn't perform "John Edwards" style and has no patience with psychic stereotypes. "It drives me potty or people will say if you are late "you should have known you'd be late" ohh ha ha ha very funny. At his seminars he teaches the basics of Astrology and the Qabala ancient way of spiritual living that pre-dates Christianity by thousands of years. "They kind of use my energy to get into the past life, I give them the technique and let them go, let them tell me what's happening."

If successful , participants regress back through time and relive moments of past lives. David himself admits to having an Ancient soldier at War with the Greek army, a Young King and even a Slave. " Do we all have past lives? You will all have past lives because you function fairly well on the earth plane. You make money you can look after yourselves you have been here before. "

A veteran of the Falklands war, Wells also spent time serving the Queen on the Royal yacht Britannia. An illness his mind to spiritual power. "I had pneumonia as an adult and had an outer body experience which wasn't big old white lights and things it was an old lady who told me to go back into bed and was in fact already in bed. I saw myself I had an outer body experience."

That sparked a spiritual journey that lasted twelve years,

"if you start to use your subconscious properly it tends to bring things towards you in life. It does actually change your luck it changes the way things happen to you... people take away something from themselves I don't go you know...oohhh ahhh you were born in i don't do any of that marlarkey. The person having the past life regression tells me what's happening. they see the experience they go through it. They get the information not me I just help them to get it."And these Believers, who paid up to eighty dollars, say it was money well spent. Should we be scared of ghosts, can they hurt us damage us? You should be more frightened of the living than ghosts."

And if you are interested David Wells has A show in Perth to get ticket information go to:

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El Cabelo Wooroloo WA

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