Christmas Lunch

Reporter: Graeme Butler

It can be the greatest day of the year; it can also be the most stressful. Chris and Justine Murphy owners of Kitchenware House know all the tips and tricks from the turkey to the trimmings. Chris was a chef is some of Perth's best restaurants and he's sharing his secrets...Chris says the secret to success starts with quality ingredients and good organisation.

First are the tips before Christmas day

Plan the menu well in advance

Order food now if you haven't already

Prepare as much of the food as you can on Christmas Eve

And keep the kitchen and benches clear

The centre piece of many Christmas lunches is the turkey. Here's Chris' tip for his tasty turkey first Chris cuts off the wings and puts them in the pan as part of a trivet to sit the turkey on.

For those people who like to glaze their ham. Chris says keep it simple.

Justine what are your tips for making the day really special? I suppose to make the day special it's nice to have a theme in advance and to set your table around a theme it might be a colour. On the table itself it's nice to go with a white plate cos the food presents better on a white plate, i also invest in a nice set of champagne glasses and wine glasses to make the occasion more special"

What do you have ready for when the guests arrive? When the guests arrive it's nice to have a nice cold bottle of champagne or a drink of choice this year I've chosen the raspberry martini apparently it tastes nice i also get a few drop ins so it's nice to have some treats ready 50.28 this year i will make my mums cheese biscuits she's handed over the recipe.

One beautiful sugar baked ham you make it look easy but it is going to be easy for someone isn't it? Absolutely we're going to be catering for approx. 20 people all delivered Christmas Eve all the trimmings everything provided for including the platters the scan pan roasters the whole lot will be delivered to your doorstep all you have to do is cook it the next morning"

And what could be easier than that. 

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