Zap Bikes

It's the bike that makes pedal power possible for anyone. Ted and Jo Franco enjoyed seeing Perth from two wheels. But when Ted's bad back got worse, it was time for the old bike to take a break.Ted and Jo decided on a Zap bike- it's powered by an electric motor that can be activated at any time."It's got three speeds. At the lowest speed you're only getting minimal assistance but you can pick how much help you want and get as much exercise as you want" Turning mountains into molehills.

Steve Dimov sells the Zap Bikes and says the mechanics are simple. All it takes is a motor, a battery and a controller. An easy way to get the heart rate up and the kilos down. "When you are riding with the motor on you are still getting exercise, it's just a lot lighter, and what we find is that, once you have one then it increases your range. You can go 60 kilometres instead of just 10 kilometres which you could before and you don't look at the hills anymore and go "oh no! I can't handle that" It's cost effective too, "up to 60 kilometres on the one charge. And that one charge will only cost you 10 cents to recharge" Now, Ted and Jo are ditching four wheels in favour of two. "I use it to go down to the gym which is about 2 kms from here and we ride up to Clarkson where our post box is and its, yeah, you just use it as local transport" Steve says "everyone seems to have this misconception that a bike is exercise. In actual fact in most European countries it's looked upon as their tool, their mode of transport and that's how they get around"

Zap electric vehicles

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