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Reporter: Cassie Silver

It's off with the winter woolies and time for a kick start into Spring. Trainer, Max Tamatoa says HBF's group training is a great way to lose the extra winter kilos without weighing down your wallet.

Perth mum Vicki Howie, like many women, wants to drop a dress size. But finding the motivation is half the battle. "If you're not really in the mood and you wanna stay home and eat that extra dessert you feel like youre letting people down so its always good to have a buddy that calls you and says you going get up we need to go"

Mother of two Bianca Cross says she wants her pre-baby body back. But with a 3 and 4 yr old she's got her hands full. "So trying to find time during the day is actually quite hard because you have to stop and be on a time schedule"

"I think preparation is the key they need to think ahead" Nanny to the rich and famous, Angela Jacobsen, says a healthy mum is a happy mum. "When you're feeling fit your feeling alot better youve got more energy to be with your children as well"

Angela says mums can make more time for themselves by being more organised. "So in the morning its a bit of a rush to get all the kids in the car to school on time,well you can find an extra 5 minutes in the morning by getting the bags ready the night before you can put their lunch, water bottle, and hat in their and also put the bags in the car the night before"

The training sessions will be held on weeknights, lunch times and weekends all free from Monday until the end of October.

Further Details

HBF's Free Fitness

HBF Outdoor Fitness

· Starts Monday 3 September at 6 locations in Perth and Geraldton, Albany, Bunbury

· Join in anytime but get the most benefit from going to all the sessions until 27th October

· Free for HBF members and $10 for a non-member casual pass. You'll also get your first session free!

· Register and find out all the details at www.hbffitness.com.au

· Perth CBD

Sessions commence Monday 3 September and run every week (Monday-Thursday) with the last session on Thursday 27 October.

o Monday - 5.30pm (Note: no session on Monday 1 October due to Queen's Birthday Public Holiday)

o Tuesday - 12.15pm

o Wednesday - 5.30pm

o Thursday - 5.30pm

o Yoga is available every Tuesday evening 5.30pm and Wednesday lunchtime 12.15pm

· Perth Suburbs and Regional WA

Sessions commence Wednesday 5 September and run every Wednesday evening 5.30pm and Saturday morning 8.00am through to Saturday 29 October. Includes the October long weekend.

Angela Jacobsen, Oz Super Nanny

· Nanny to the rich and famous, now an author

· Just about to release her next book, Baby Food with a day-by-day guide to weaning and healthy food recipes for your child, following the success of her

previous book, Baby Love - an A-Z guide on all things baby

· Follow her on twitter https://twitter.com/ozsupernanny

· Her website, www.angelasanswers.com will keep you up to date and you can read her latest thoughts at http://ozsupernanny.authorsxpress.com/

· Books are available on amazon.com

HBF Personal Trainer Max Tamatoa's Top Five tips for Weight Loss

1. Have realistic expectations

2. Eat a well balanced diet

3. Watch your portion sizes

4. Be active with whole body movements, like walking and running

5. And, be prepared to work for it

Oz SuperNanny Angela Jacobsen's Top 6 Tips for Making You Time

1. Keep a diary near the phone and a weekly planner on the fridge - celebrities make time for their kids, you need you time

2. Lay out everyone's clothes the night before, including yours, it's great inspiration to exercise

3. Lay out breakfast the night before - bowls, cup, cereal and so on - and set the table for dinner early too

4. Do your washing and ironing at night when the kids are in bed

5. Prepare dinner when you have some free time, when the kids are napping or at kindy