YouTube Chef

Reporter: Jasmine Homer

Rob Nixon is living the dream. He's his own boss, works his own hours, and makes a very comfortable living doing what he loves. Rob says "A lot of people search their whole working life, their whole working career to do what I've done and I'm 27 and I've found it." It started with a passion for cooking and a dead end job. "I was working out at the airport and it was a really sort of boring job and it was mundane and I loved cooking and I found this website called YouTube so one day I thought why not, I saw other people making videos and I thought why not me." So, he picked up an old camera and started cooking.

"I grew up with, my Mum was sort of the savoury cook and my Nan was the pastry side of things it was always very English so I love cooking with beef and lancashire hotpots and that sort of thing, really sort of heartwarming family food." An ordinary Aussie bloke sharing his love of simple, home style cooking with the world. "It's not like a normal cooking show where the chef's sort of standing there and he's cooking for himself. The show's all about the food, it's not about me and I think that's the attraction of what people want."

Soon, Rob's step by step no frills cooking videos were averaging 500 thousand hits a week. Enough to earn him a slice of the advertising pie. "I think in total there's well over 30 million on all the videos I have so there's quite a large number of people around the world that's not just Australia it's global there's the American audience, the UK audience. Even people in Iraq, they're making lamingtons in Iraq."

Now "Nicko's Kitchen" is a full time job. Rob gets a share of the advertising revenue from his cooking sites. YouTube won't let him say how much. "I left my job well over a year ago, I've been able to have my wife sort of quit her job and go to working ten hours a week and that's because she wants to, if she didn't work she wouldn't have to now." But you get the idea it's a pretty good deal, along with sponsorships, a DVD, an upcoming cookbook and a regular spot on TV.

Rob's wife Jessy has watched her food-mad hubby turn a hobby, into a lucrative new career and says she's not surprised so many millions are logging on across the world. "He's down to earth, he's not a chef, he's just a guy that loves to cook, loves his family, loves to cook for his family."

Two year old Imogen was the inspiration for a new venture. But she can be a pretty tough critic. "I get thousands of emails a day, people sending in recipe requests people telling me they've made my food I get send pictures of what they've made, even some students they're in cooking college and they've made something that I've made and they've passed." Not bad for a one man enterprise, filmed from a humble household kitchen in Perth. Rob says "You don't need all the fancy stainless steel and all the gadgets like I said, this is a kitchen that most families would have. You just need a talent and a bit of hard work and you'll go a long way with it. So no plans to upgrade to the stainless steel? Not at this stage I'm happy with what I've got. Yeah."

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