Wonder Bras

Reporter: Lynda Kinkade

Its technology built for space which has now been inserted into a high tech version of the humble bra.

Roxanne Parker, General Manager of Amoena Lingerie says, "Outlast technology was developed over two decades ago. Never before have we had this type of innovation implemented into a bra range".

Outlast technology was originally developed for NASA to protect astronauts against temperature fluctuations in space. Now the underwear industry is bringing the certified space technology back to earth. "We all know we perspire. Having a bra that keeps you comfortable and dry all day will bring a great comfort to every woman", Roxanne said.

In this bra the special space material works by absorbing, storing or realising heat and cooling the area around the bust for optimal climate controlled comfort. "We are a company that is involved with designing and manufacturing products for women who've had breast surgery or breast cancer, so with that we decided to bring the technology to more women", Roxanne said.

Amoena Lingerie was quick to get on board signing up to import the latest bra on offer. "It's just beautiful. If you turn it on the inside you'll see the new comfort plus technology not only equalises the temperature, but it also adds extra support to the bra", Roxanne said.

It's aimed at big busted women who suffer large fluctuations in temperatur and women going through menopause.

The space-age bra lands here next week with down to earth prices starting from around $30.

Also NASA inspired, the smart memory bra promises a perfect fit every time. "It has a NASA inspired foam; it softens and expands with temperature and that provides this contoured and individualised fit", said Tim Neilson, who has a doctorate in biochemistry.

With his Brazillian born wife Lucimar, they sell the garments across the country. "If I apply pressure on the foam section. it moulds to my fingertips -- that's a good demonstration how the foam in the bra softens and countours to provide a really customised fit", Tim said.

For further information

Outlast Technology Bra sold by Amoena Mia, will be found in department and boutique stores from next week. Call 1800 773 285.

Smart Memory Bra, call 1300 63 85 80

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