Weight Watchers

Reporter: Madeleine Kennard

Weight watching amigos .. Proof the war on weight can be won.

Between them they've lost... 225 kilos...

They're in Sydney for a week of pampering - and promotions as finalists of this year's weight watcher healthy life awards.

"i feel like a winner already we are all winners i don't know who will win i don't know what is going to make them pick the winner but i feel like we are all already winners." Said Jess

Jessica Arnot may feel like a winner - but it has been a long road to the top... As she was overcoming her addiction to food - her mother was losing her battle with drugs.

"I had my mum die through my journey so that was really difficult but i just kept on going my uncle passed away after i reached my goal suppose i could of gone backwards and gone back to eating bad as well but my family wouldn't of wanted that." Said Jess

She was eating junk food three times a day but kicked that habit and two years on she's shed 43 kilos .. 40% of her body weight.

"I was pretty much living a miserable sad life and now i am living a happy life that is the same as my personality." Said Jess

Every finalist has a heart wrenching story - but for 26 year old Kristen leads being overweight as a mother was too much to bare.

"She was only a baby when i had put on my weight so she kind of sat still so that wasn't too bad but i could never get down on the ground and if i could i couldn't get back up off the ground so now i can do all those things and i can fit down the slide so that is pretty fun." Said Kristin

The final straw was when she saw a photo on facebook and she didn't recognise herself. Within 17 months she had lost 38 kilos.

"i didn't even notice i had changed so much weight wise until i had seen that photo and i was tagged in it and i thought, that' is not me and the next day i started a new life." Said Kristin

"All of the finalist stories stood out in some way whether it was some of the weight they had lost whether it was about their journey <butt to> they all had a special something that really stood out." Said Laura

Laura Gurnett from weightwatchers- is part of a team of judges who has the hard task of selecting the overall winner.

"we are looking for different things, we are looking for the amount of weightloss we are also looking for whether they have seen any health improvements we are looking for the impact it has had on friends and family and a point of difference." Said Laura

As Melissa Matthews says there stories might all be different... But the message is the same.

"Just make the decision to do it if you have 5 kilos to lose 10 kilos to lose just look at me for inspiration if i can lose 70 anyone can get out there and give it a go." Said Melissa