Weight Watchers

Reporter: Sally Obermeder

We've all come so far we've all come from different backgrounds but we've all had the same journey - we've all had to struggle with the same demons

Five women, each with her own incredible story of courage, sacrifice and above all Loss...Weight loss

39 year old Mother of 3, Kelly Rogerson is now a shadow of her former self. "Ive lost over 55 kilos, I just followed the plan and the weight fell off me. I started the programme at 80.9 kilos and now I'm 56 on a good day"

30 year old Perth Mother of 2, Rebecca Bell. "25 kilos down and out of hiding. My husband would say how about we go to the Races for the Broome cup, didn't want to go, didn't have anything to wear. Didn't want to try new things and now I'm happy to try anything."

43 year old Leanne Wheelsmore from South Australia had a lot on her plate, literally. With 5 kids and a Dairy Farm to run, the last thing she had time for was herself. "I started putting on weight when I had our first child and with every subsequent pregnancy I seemed to gain more weight and lose a little bit less in between. Ive lost 18 kilos and I feel terrific."

They've been selected from 8000 entrants by Weight Watchers as the 2010 National Finalists of the Year for their Healthy Life awards. Today it's all about them.

Our Downsized Divas are about to be primped, preened and pampered. A 5 star week long makeover they will never forget.

First a training session with former champion sprinter, Melinda Gainsford Taylor. Then it's off to find a new wardrobe with the stylists at Events clothing store. "This is like a dream come true really. I wouldn't have even come into a shop like this before or stood in front of a mirror and felt good about it."

And finally the ladies will have their hair totally made over by celebrity hair stylist: Joh Bailey...

"You're a bit flat at the moment we might just want something funkier." Advises Joh


Going shorter and darker, revealing a new me after this!

So beautiful!

"This week has been absolutely surreal."

This year we've had a thousand registrations and these are people who have all lost weight and really changed their lives.

Weight Watchers Spokesperson, Claire Cameron said "Were looking for somebody who is going to stay healthy for a long time for many years to come and that keep their children healthy, family friends, even colleagues and be a real role model for them."

"I'd tried diets, I'd tried shakes - everything, Kickstart, LA Weightloss, you name it I tried it." At 118 kilograms 23 year old Sasha Job once hid behind baggy tracksuits and a brave smile.

"I had no self confidence - very depressed, socially excluding myself, it wasn't others - it was myself." Says Sasha

"Look at you Sasha!!!"

The former fatty from the Gold Coast is now loving the spotlight.

"Completely an ugly duckling story for me. To lose the weight and then to have this special part of our journey at the end just to make us feel happy and healthy on the outside as well as the inside is just incredible - my confidence in the last week has just gone boom! This week actually is our prize." Explains Sasha

For many of these women, health and beauty took a backseat while their weight took the reigns, now in control - there's new skills to learn:

Weight Watcher Kelly says "I've been actually learning how to apply makeup and look after myself because I have this wonderful new life and new body and really enjoying being able to do the things that I can. Its now called the Healthy Life Awards and I believe I have a healthy life."

State finalist for NSW, Sarah Cohen wake up call came with a pair of jeans. "I just had tried to squeeze into a pair of men's jeans, they were a size 107 and I couldn't do them up, even laying on the bed."

Sarah's now even smaller than she was at High School - losing 35 kilos from her once hulking frame. "I actually lost my weight 10 years ago in 1999 and it took me 18 months to lose the 34 kilos and I've never put it back on and I never will put it back on. I really feel I'm allowed to be myself - Happy to be myself."

Embrace love, embrace life embrace change. Just look forward, the whole world is out there - go and get it.