Weight Suppressants

Reporter: Lynda Kinkade

Could this be the answer you've been searching for -- an all natural appetite suppressant designed to make you feel full fast.

Extracted from a cactus plant, the suppressant known commercially as Slimaluma has been used for centuries. Indian tribes would use it to suppress hunger and enhance endurance on hunting trips.

After she suffered a back injury and was unable to exercise, Megan Crozier was recommended the supplement by her best friend, who works for Swisse. "It sounds silly but it's a miracle tablet because it is easy and it has such results ultimately with very little effort", Megan said.

In just two months of taking the suppressant twice daily, Megan dropped 6 kilograms. "For breakfast I'll have a cereal, lunchtime usually sushi and evenings salmon salad, sometimes red meat. Snacks use to be chocolates and muffins and things but this tablet has taken an edge off the cravings so now I enjoy snacking on snow peas and cherry tomatoes", Megan said.

With a 6-month-old baby, Kristy Savadis wanted a product that was natural. In just four weeks Kristy lost three kilos. "I'm feeling really good. The Slimaluma has cut out the cravings for sugary things that I've been wanting and hard to stay away from", Kristy said.

Now Victoria University is putting the tablet to the test. "There were about 40 people in the group and we split them into half, so half received nutritional advice in combination with a placebo and the other half received nutritional advice with the Caralluma extract", said Professor Dr. Michael Mathai.

The plant extract works by increasing a hormone known as Leptin, which sends a signal to the brain that you're full.

Professor Mathai carried out the independent study. "Both groups lost weight but the waist circumference was reduced more in the group which had nutritional advice in conjunction with the Carraluma extract", he said.

The group taking the suppressant lost 4 extra centimetres off their waists.

People who are overweight run the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, a disease which claims a life every ten seconds. Experts say find what works for you and stick to or else you'll be passing your bad habits onto the next generation.

"The way we eat and live our lives, we are literally setting our kids up to get diabetes and breast cancer", said Dr. John Tickelle who works for Swisse.

"Number one it has a lot of natural fibre in it, fibre fills you up and helps your intestines move the toxins through", Dr. Tickelle said.

There are a range of suppressants on the market which all aim to slow down your intake of food. Reducta is similar to the Swisse Slimaluma tablet.

"There's no point taking it with junk food because it's not going to have any effect at all", Professor Mathai said.

Other natural appetite supplements include pine nuts, hot chilli, lettuce, cabbage, Bok Choy and fresh water.

This year, Australians will spend almost $800 million on weight loss products.

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