Weight Loss Pills

Reporter: David Richardson

A new pill, a new promise. But can it deliver? In just 5 years our overweight population has doubled. In those five years the sales of weight loss pills have also doubled. We now spend $208 million a year on weight pills and potions alone.

The top 3 sellers are:

Duromine pills on prescription: $27 million

Reductil pills on prescription: $15 million

Xenical over-the-counter: $12 million a year

But the Head of Monash University's Obesity Research Unit, Associate Professor Dr John Dixon says the industry burns as many consumers as it does kilos. "There's very little evidence that these products do in fact help us to lose weight and even less evidence they are specific for fat."

The top 3 pills are popular and risky.Our drug watchdog, the Therapeutic Goods Administration ordered doctors to stop prescribing Reductil for at-risk patients. It's been linked to heart problems, high blood pressure, even death. Duromine can cause insomnia, agitation, irregular heartbeat even psychosis. And Xenical?

"The problems with Xenical in the long term are that you can have some vitamin deficiencies if you're losing a lot of weight, you can develop gallstones, and even kidney stones.

"Supermarkets and diet pills dont work. Very dangerous to a diabetic."Joe Gare knows all about the risks. A 34 year old IT consultant and type 2 diabetic, he turned to Xantrax - a herbal slimming pills bought at the supermarket. It could have had disastrous consequences."At the end of the week my blood sugars had almost doubled. I was in dangerous high blood glucose levels and I stopped taking the slimming pills and I was back down to my normal level."

Sick of patients complaining about diet pills that didn't work, Pharmacist Angela Song now takes every diet pill herself before recommending it to customers. To her amazement one pill worked - without her even trying."When Svelte came out on the market I actually tried it myself - I tried it for about 2 and a half months and I lost about 4 kilos just on the product itself - without any exercise, without any dietary changes"

Its the latest clinically proven all natural weight loss pill on the market. Svelte.Its main ingredient - a decaffeinated green coffee bean that forces your body to target stored body fat. Great news for those with love handles and muffin tops."You're reducing the amount of sugar that's in your blood stream so your body is going to look for an alternative source of energy, and that then becomes liberated from the stored body fat so your body is obligated to burn off stored body fat." explains Pharmacist Angela Song

Naturopath, David Djivan prescribes the pill to his patients. He's been seeing positive results."I've seen my patients lose between 1 to 3 kilos in that 3 week phase."Libby O'Meara returned from working in the States, several kilos overweight..."I lost about 5 kilos in 5 weeks. No woman likes love handles and to be able to get rid of them and get rid of them so easily has just been a god send - it's been great."

She found the one a day tablet sped up her metabolism and cut out sugar cravings and she lost the weight without exercising."I didn't change my lifestyle at all, I simply didn't crave those sugary foods anymore and obviously my metabolism was faster so it burnt off the food that I ate much faster."And Libby's love handles? "They're gone. I put on any dress or any pair of pants in the cupboard and I don't have to worry about love handles hanging over the top - they don't exist anymore."

Angela now prescribes SVELTE confidently to customers in the run to summer."A lot of middle aged women as well who are worried about the fact they've put on kilos - they can't exercise for different medical reasons and they find taking Svelte would actually help them.""I've kept that weight off for 3 or 4 months off after I lost those initial 4 or 5 kilos - there's no way I wouldn't stay on it for life - I'll stay on it forever."

SVELTE is available at all pharmacies and health food stores.