Reporter: Bryan Seymour

Advances in smartphone technology are bringing cutting edge weather information and graphics to your fingertips, many for free. It couldn't come soon enough with the la nina weather pattern set to continue whipping up storms and cyclones across the country.

Melbourne sweltered while south Queensland got pelted. The weather seems to be more unpredictable and extreme but now there's a way to stay a step ahead of what's overhead.

The extreme variations in our recent weather have been caused by la nina. in spanish it means "girl child" to most Australians it means colder spells and sudden swings in temperature and outlook.

"The rainfall is probably related to La Nina. That's moisture coming down from the north and affecting Queensland and Northern NSW. That's a very common La Nina pattern." Said Chief Meterologist Dick Whitaker

The weather channel's chief meteorologist Dick Whittaker says la nina ended the ten year drought, making last year the third wettest on record with over 70 centremetres of rain dumped across the country.

"In sharp contrast of that we're getting high temperatures and dry conditions through south-Australia, Victoria and even Tasmania." Said Whitaker

Formed by cool surface water on the Pacific Ocean, a second la nina system is still unfolding affecting mostly the east coast. Now largely leaving Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth to generally swelter as summer sets in

"At the Weather Channel we do have the applications at the moment that we're going to broaden into iPhones and androids. We're rolling out a much more extensive system which will be good." He said

Jason Branigan at Vodafone is across all the latest phones and apps he says they're better, faster and more detailed than ever before. "Yes and you can set it for different cities or anywhere around the world." Said Branigan

"Its 99 cents to download the application to the phone and then you've just got your data charges when you're updating the latest weather radar or whatever it is." He said

If you're still stuck in pre-smartphone reality there's also the Australian early warning network where subscribers can get updates by text, twitter, email even landlines. So whatever the weather you'll never be in the dark.

"The heat probably will probably last another 24 to 48 hours. We do have a cooler change moving through Wednesday and Thursday which will bring temperatures down the south east. We've still got a lot of rain to come in Queensland area and Northern NSW. Flooding will still be an issue in the next week or so." confirmed Whitaker

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