These young Jazz hopefuls, are vying for a spot in one of Australia's top acts the WA youth Jazz orchestra we're behind the scenes of the WAYJO auditions. It's competitive, the pressure is high and nerves are freyed.

WAYJO has been a springboard for jazz musicians who've reached the Bigtime. Graduates have gone on to perform with artists including Kylie Minogue and Phil Collins. And when Celebrities hit the floor on Dancing with the stars, its WAYJO graduates counting the beats. But before these music hopefuls get to impress the fans.. they have to imprss the judges.

Ricky Malet, Mace Francis, Marty Pervan and special guest panelist David Theak from the conservatory of music. Together, they have over 50 years of experience and what they say goes. 22-year-old saxophonist Luke Minness is the first to take to the stage - He may look relaxed, but his audition is far from casual.

At 17 Liam Hickey is one of the youngest performers trying out for WAYJO. He's missed his school-leavers celebrations, to rehearse for the drumming auditions. He's auditioning as part of a group, with performers he's never met before.

Next, is Sarah Ramsey. And the jazz starlet has chosen to sing a Bing Crosby favourite. The perfomance gets another applause from the judges. More than 80 hopefuls have auditioned now it's crunch time. who's made the grade and who's dreams will be put on hold.

For sax player Luke, it was a wobbly start but this young talent is the first one through. But for seventeen year old Liam, it's not the news he was hoping to hear. Sarah's invitation to join WAYJO has put her on track to reach her goals All up, fifty four have made it through and for each of them. The dream of becoming a jazz cat is one step closer.

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