US Wrestler

Reporter: Graeme Butler

Extreme is an understatement. The world Orlando Jordan inhabits - is an over-the-top, all-out assault on the senses. This pro-wrestling super star is as much a performer, as he is an athlete. "They nicknamed professional wrestling the male soap opera because there is a lot of drama in what we do. but make no mistake when it comes to getting in the ring it's 100 percent in everything we do."

And where would you expect to find one of wrestling's most famous stars? Las Vegas? L-A? New York? How about, Rockingham. That's right. Orlando Jordan's home is by the beach in 'Rockers, where he's a local hit and king of the kids. For Orlando, it's a long way from growing up as a shy little boy mis-diagnosed as Autistic because he rarely uttered a word. He says his story is a lesson for other kids, about the importance of discipline and goal setting. "You talk about setting goals because if I didn't set goals I wouldn't be where I am today." And the young are his keenest fans.

But Orlando cautions children against trying to copy the carefully practiced action they see in the ring. "I'm a professional wrestler im a professional athelete this is what i do i get paida lot of money to do what i do - i beat my body up and i train very hard." Orlando has signed up for 12 months with Perth's All Action Wrestling a coup that sees him feature in bouts across WA and Australia. One of wrestling's most controversial characters is now preparing for the All Action Wrestling world heavyweight championship on April 14 in Warnbro. Taking on Orlando - hometown hope, The Australian Sensation Craven. It'll be a big night with Aussie and international stars before the final showdown. "Against Orlando Jordan who is simply the greatest - it doesn't get any better than that."Luke says "he's a big dude - it's gunna be a challenge - it's not going to be easy, he's not a push over but it is going to be entertaining I can tell you that much whatever happens."

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