Uplifting Underwear

Reporter: Lynda Kinkade

Bust boosters, glow in the dark, and magnetic bras.. the humble undergarment is becoming a little technical.Designs in cups, designs in wire, how many hooks to have on the back, thin straps, no straps, strapless bras - there's a lot of support variety out there.

The latest installment to double your bust has been described as the boob job without the surgery.

According to one user, it's an ideal compromise: "I have thought of having breast implants to put in - but always been hesitant where surgery is involved - now I've got them without needing to put myself through it."

The Bra Buyer for Target, Caroline Nelson, agrees. "It's great because it's stylish, quality and affordability for $30."

The sales pitch claims the results are comparable to surgically enhanced breasts, but without the $20,000 bill and associated health risks.

"It pushes you in then lifts you up, " according to designer Lara Du Chateau.

The bra is developed by Diamond Cut and Du Chateau was surprised there was nothing else like it on the market.

"This was very new technology with the three layer padded bra. The bra also has a very low front so it's great for plunging neckline and to show off that cleavage."

On the other hand, if you've already got an ample bust, Panache is for you. The bras for the larger bust are available at Big Girls Don't Cry Anymore.

As Sales Director Anne McRoberts explains, "Panache bras start from a D cup and go all the way up to a K cup and a size 6 to a 22."

"We are actually the only company that will cater for a K cup. If women are supported and fitted properly they'll lose their elasticity in their breasts - this can not be recovered so you may end up with low breasts and bad back problems.

Panache even does swimwear so you can feel supported while you are one the beach.

One fan, Julie Dammery says, "I was never able to find a bra to fit before - I'd go into Myer or any of the department stores and the biggest they would have would be a D or double D - but with a really big back size."

Needing a size 8J, Julie finally found what she was looking for. "I am so happy just to find a beautiful, beautiful bra to fit into."

Bra Critic and Lingerie Business Coach Renee Mayne is a self confessed BraQueen. "We differ because we got different colours, styles, three ranges. The demand is huge absolutely ginormous"

"I look for its comfort, support, shape, the lift and also the cost to ensure people are getting value for money."

The former lingerie store owner now reviews and blogs about bras online.

She says, "I was doing 500 fits per day and that allowed me to gain so much product knowledge. The website is now getting 3 thousand hits per day."

So whatever your shape or size, there is a bra to suit your needs. The advice: get an expert fitting.