TV Wars

Reporter: Georgia Main

Nearly 3 million TV's bought last year. TV's are now breeding faster than households. Competition has driving prices down to never before seen bargains. Ruslan Kogan is enemy number one for the big retailers -- he's taking on the man at the top of the TV tree -- Gerry Harvey, claiming he can deliver top quality TV's without the top dollar price tag. "We're cutting out all the middlemen so traditionally products go from agents to importers, wholesalers, retailers they all want their cut." Kogan says.

It's all out war and the 27-year-old former IT specialist is determined he won't be a casualty. Thousands of discount TV's have just landed on our shores and he wants them in your lounge room. "Our new LED range smashes the competition on price we shocked the market when we released these prices." Designing his TV's here but using the same overseas factories as the big name brands, he's put Gerry Harvey and the big retailers on notice."3D TV was a bit of an excuse to up sales. The technology isn't that great there's a lot of issues associated with it. Watch out we're eating into your market share and you need to make your business better."

Ruslan's claims have got Gerry Harvey seeing red."In this particular case here, this guy's $1599 we're actually $100 cheaper at $1499. So for this guy to get up and say he's cheaper than us that's absolute rubbish. If you're selling an LG or a Samsung or a Sony you're buying a brand, you're buying a guarantee from those manufacturers who have been around a long time, you've got warranty, you've got peace of mind and 99 times out of 100 got a lot better product." He says. Ruslan maintains the only difference between his TV's and well known brands is the price tag.

He says; "Here we've got two LED TV's both exactly the same size, they are both 55 inch full HD LED TVs this one Samsung, this one Kogan. The Samsung retails for $5499 the Kogan is launching at $2399." If you thought that was good, check these out.

32" Kogan: $799

32" Samsung: $1499

32" Sony: $1499

You can save nearly 50% on a 32 inch LED. With big brands charging $1499, the Kogan retails for $799.

42" Kogan: $1099

42" Samsung: $2299

42" Sony: $2499

For a 42 inch LED there's a saving of 56%. $2499 for the Sony, just $1099 for the Kogan.

46" Kogan: $1599

46" Samsung: $2999

46" Sony: $3099

You can save $1500 off the top brand 46 inch LED's -- Sony retailing for $3099; $1599 for the Kogan. "We're the same price on a lot of these other ones here. We're selling stuff now with big brands on it for the same price as Chinese product cheap factories out of china. Prices have never been near what they are at the moment." Gerry Harvey says.Campbell Simpson, technology tester from the Good Gear Guide, has been reviewing the industry newcomer. "It's value for money while still offering quite good picture. Something like this new Samsung has a really nice design and offers some interesting features like 3d TV viewing and internet access. I think you do get what you pay for, it might not have exactly the same kind of refresh for watching fast sports but for the average consumer watching, the Kogan TV is going to be a similar experience as watching a more expensive TV."

While selling online, Ruslan says his company offers extensive warranties from 1 to 5 years and should you need a repair, they'll provide the callout service."Ours even contain some things which the others don't the LED range which we launched yesterday comes with a built in PVR that allows you to pause rewind and record live TV now if you look at some of the big brands a lot of them won't even give you that functionality." He says. In four years, Kogan technologies has already sold 100 000 products, and expects to turn over $20 million this year. That's a lot of TV's.Brand expert Simon Hammond says; "don't give me price wars when it comes to brands I've never heard of. The brands will always win out because we're surrounded by those and we see that big Sony in the middle of the TV we kind of think, that's me. Whether we get tempted by a massive bargain that's another question.." "Compare the picture, compare the prices I want the consumers to decide." Concludes Kogan.

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