TV Ads

Reporter: Gavin Alder

Television advertising works, otherwise companies wouldn't spend billions of dollars a year getting them made and put to air. But what makes a great ad? Some are rubbish; others are fabulous; some are deliberately offensive or annoying. Now Australia's best advertising minds are about to pass judgement on the commercials that work, those that don't, and those that make us cranky.

Our panel was made up of: Paul Gardener, the Chief Executive of Grey Advertising; Simon Hammond, a leading brand expert and Director of Bastion Brand. From Deakin University, Consumer Behaviour analyst, Paul Harrison and keeping all of them on their toes, is Julie Gale, of Kids Free to be Kids.

And if you see an ad that gets under your skin, here are details of how to lodge a complaint:

Advertising Standards Bureau: Phone (02) 6262 9822 or visit the website at: