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Reporter: Jasmine Homer

Okay, we know what you're thinking, why on earth are thse people pulling something they should be driving....all that effort...? Toni says "She just makes it fun, it's all fun it's all about having a laugh and it's not serious." A lot of small country towns in Australia are battling to stay viable, so you'd think in a place like Bridgetown a rapidly shrinking population would be a worry. But the locals couldn't be happier, in fact the town's planning to get a whole lot smaller.

"It's a wonderful little town, everyone's really friendly and what not but there are a lot of people who are overweight." This was Lisa McCarroll two years ago. 120 kilos. "I wasn't happy as a fat person." Dr Rachel Jackson is the local GP. "She had high blood pressure and she was developing problems with her lungs and she was having trouble sleeping." Then a tough talking stranger moved to town...Therese Meloti 's professional personal trainer...she moved to WA's south west for a tree change..."Lisa came to me, I don't know if she was asking for my help but she came in to see what I was doing here." "I thought she's mad, we've got a local rec centre in town. So I walked in and told her, I said I think you're crazy. This isn't going to work. Lisa turned her life around in 7 months. Now 50 kilos lighter, she's really got the bug, a personal trainer herself. Jethro Motton was one of Lisa's first projects...11 years old and 102 kilos. Sue says "He played football but he couldn't keep up.

At school he couldn't fit into the school uniform."Jethro lost 18 kilos.His Mum Sue lost 30. "When I first started, I was about 111 kilos, and now I'm down to 80." She was never honest with any mean intent, but just honest, factually honest you know, if you're overweight you're that much overweight you should be there, let's try and get there."Toni Purnell's almost there. She's lost 30 kilos.

Dr Rachel Jackson says "It's quite extraordinary to see such a huge success rate, in such a small community. It's been outstanding.Word of mouth travels very quickly, people get inspired and motivated and they tag along." Therese has been the driving force behind the whole town's turnaround. Locals have lost 800 kilos and hope to nudge the big ton soon...around the weight of this obese barina..."At the end of the day they've changed their own life, the hardest thing for them is stepping in here to ask for help." Lisa says "You might think you're happy but believe you me until you lose the weight and you're able to go into a normal shop and get a size 10 or 12 off the rack, that's what happiness is."

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